Bone Health and Physical Activity Research Group

Bone Health and Physical Activity Research Group

Since its inception in 2004 Action Schools! BC has been adopted by 100% of BC schools and the program benefits more than 450,000 children.

Our Bone Health and Physical Activity Research Group investigates the relationship between physical activity and bone health across the lifespan including children and older populations of women who are at high risk for osteoporosis, falls and fracture.

Escalating levels of childhood inactivity threatens to substantially increase the future burden of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis but also obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, in Canada and globally [Naylor et. al. 2007].

As one example of effective knowledge translation, three government ministries united with the school community and the interdisciplinary research team to design, implement and evaluate a school-based model—Action Schools! BC (AS! BC)—to increase physical activity and healthy eating in elementary school children. Based on the positive outcomes of the AS! BC evaluation, the BC Ministry of Health committed $15 M to disseminate the model across BC. 

Lead PI: Heather McKay