Return to Everyday Activity in the Community & Home (REACH)

Return to Everyday Activity in the Community & Home (REACH)

REACH is a model for active living developed and tested with the voices of middle-aged and older adults, and guided by expert health professionals and best evidence. The model is designed to reduce prolonged sitting time, increase levels of physical activity, and incorporate strength and balance activities into daily life routines.

The program is delivered in 6 sessions. Topics include explaining the impact of sedentary behaviour and benefits of physical activity, how small changes can make a big difference, behaviour change principles (e.g., self-monitoring, motivation, mindfulness), building activity into everyday habits, and learning to manage setbacks. We teach new activities every session, with home practice between sessions.

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How is REACH different?
REACH is based upon evidence for long term behaviour change maintenance and self-management, rather than class-based exercise protocols. We have preliminary evidence that the REACH program results in positive change in health behaviour and physical health markers, and is acceptable and feasible for older adult participants.

For REACH Instructors

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