Research Programs

Research Programs


Our research programs investigate health and mobility challenges that range from early risk identification, to early onset, to end stage surgical interventions and effective recovery.

We seek to understand the continuum of these problems rather than focusing exclusively on one stage or treatment modality.

All of our work stems from interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation across previously disparate research disciplines.

We look at aging, health, and mobility in different settings and populations.

For example, our Walk the Talk Team evaluates how the built and social environments are associated with older adult mobility—the physical capacity to walk or move within communities. 

The aim of the Tendon Research Group is to generate insights into the biology and pathophysiology of tendons which can be used to optimize the rehabilitation of tendinopathy. This is the first research program in Canada to have a primary focus on the biology of work-related tendon overuse injuries using a multidisciplinary approach. The ultimate vision of this program is to find better treatments for work-related tendon injuries, thereby having an impact for workplaces.