Health promoting behaviours

Health promoting behaviours

As the burden of bone and joint disease is projected to increase both independent of and with the demographic changes consistent with an ageing society, innovative prevention strategies, techniques for detection and treatment methods are crucial.

Embedding health promoting behaviours across the lifespan is key to preventing life changing injuries, falls, and fractures.

Examples of CHHM projects with a direct impact on BC's population to embed health promoting behaviours:

Action Schools! BC

With multiple partners, CHHM developed Action Schools! BC, a province-wide initiative designed to promote healthy behaviours for children within their school environment. Action Schools! BC for elementary schools was rolled out by the BC government as a positive solution to address the increase in overweight and obesity among children.


In collaboration with the BC Recreation and Parks Association and Women’s Hospital an effective physical activity program for those at greatest risk for fracture has been disseminated across community centres in BC.

Walk the Talk

The Walk the Talk Team (WTT) evaluates how the built and social environments are associated with older adult mobility – the physical capacity to walk or move within communities. Mobility is the focus of the research as it has immediate impact on health, social connectedness and quality of life outcomes in older adults.