Mobility Function Lab

Mobility Function Lab

Mobility Function Lab (MFL) motion capture studio is unique worldwide in providing a protected setting for assessing the mobility patterns of volunteer research participants.

The MFL uses balance platforms, virtual reality and motion capture to better understand why people fall and the best ways to prevent or recover from a fall.

This knowledge is being combined with field studies to allow researchers to improve the safety of environments where older adults live.

The MFL workshop is also used to develop new materials and devices for injury prevention, such as compliant flooring and wearable hip protectors to prevent fractures due to falls, and wearable sensors and video systems to monitor imbalance and falls in daily life.

The MFL is a full motion capture studio equipped with state-of-the-art, custom-designed infrastructure.


Is it possible to book the laboratory?

Yes! Staff at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility would be happy to address any questions you may have and to work with you to coordinate your project.

Please contact us by email for a swift response.