Force Platform (Novotec Medical, Leonardo)

Force Platform (Novotec Medical, Leonardo)

Manufacturer: Novotec Medical

Model: Leonardo

  • dynamic measurement of ground reaction forces with respect to spatial resolution
  • easy to use and to instruct, fast application and at the same time high reproducibility due to the utilised everyday motions
Training area dimensions (l/w/h) 660 x 660 x 70 mm
Sampling rate per sensor 800 Hz
ADC resolution 16 bit
Max. force per sensor ca. 2 kN
Supported Test Types and Assessments s2LJ, m1LJ, m2LJ, CRT, BAss, DJ, LT, RT, TRT, BT, TpTs, TpTc, ST, LST, IF

More information

  • (AccuGait) portable gait and balance platform
  • (AccuGait) uses Hall Effect sensors to accurately measure ground reaction forces while allowing for internal amplification and high overload protection on all axes
  • (AccuGait) measures Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My and Mz