Isokinetic Dynamometer (Biodex, System 4 Pro)

Isokinetic Dynamometer (Biodex, System 4 Pro)

Manufacturer: Biodex

Model: System 4 Pro

The Biodex is a multi-mode computerized robotic measuring instrument designed to measure muscle strength. It measures muscle strength by applying constant resistance against muscles in repetitive motions quickly and as powerfully as possible.

If test results show muscle weakness (compared with your same age and sex comparison group) strengthening exercises may be prescribed. The test may be repeated periodically to monitor how strength is improving as a result of a strength training intervention program.

We use the Biodex:

  • to assess strength of muscles around joints
  • as part of a rehabilitation exercise to improve the strength of various joints
  • There are 5 modes that can be used: Isokinetic Resistance, Reactive Eccentric, Passive Motion, Isometric, Isotonic

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