Our Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

Our Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

Amy Phillips, CHHM's Upright Open MRI and Advanced Imaging Specialist analytic and methodological support in designing and developing research studies

CHHM’s Research Operations Group (ROG)

  • Maintains our labs and equipment so they are always ‘research ready’
  • Collaborates with investigators to develop new experimental protocols
  • Coordinates research projects
  • Ensures lab and safety procedures are followed

Dr. Danmei Liu leads our ROG and Amy Phillips leads our Upright Open MRI initiatives.

Danmei Liu, Ph.D, Manager—Research Operations

Our Research Operations Manager has a PhD in Materials Engineering and brings more than ten years’ experience in the fields of medical imaging and biomechanical engineering. Dr. Liu manages and coordinates all research projects conducted at CHHM and oversees our $12 million suite of equipment.

Danmei can provide:

  • Project direction and management for research programs and operations
  • Expertise in both ex-vivo and in-vivo research methodologies
  • Collaboration opportunities with other research groups

Amy Phillips, MASc., Upright Open MRI and Advanced Imaging Specialist

Our Upright Open MRI Advanced Imaging Specialist is an Engineer with over 10 years of engineering and orthopaedic clinical research experience at UBC, in industry, and in the non-profit sector. She leads the Upright Open MRI Operations for all research programs.

Amy can provide:

  • strategic planning for research activities
  • direction in establishing and accommodating research priorities
  • analytic and methodological support in designing and developing research studies
  • collaboration opportunities with other research groups

Vivian Chung, P.Eng., MSc., Research Engineer

Vivian is a licensed professional engineer with a special interest in interdisciplinary research. With a master degree in biomedical engineering and a former UBC Engineers-in-Scrubs (EiS) fellow, Vivian specializes in orthopaedic surgical device development and X-ray imaging. She is also experienced in working with public health researchers in tracking physical activity, executing interviews and fitness tests. In addition, Vivian has over four years of industry experience as an engineer – from optimizing an $18 million supply chain to rethinking factory workflows. Vivian welcomes research challenges and collaborative opportunities of all types.

CHHM has a team of full and part-time Research Technicians who are available to provide:

1)   Project Support

  • Strategic planning for research activities
  • Secure data management
  • Development of procedures and protocols
  • Analytic and methodological support in designing research studies
  • Liaising with other research groups

2)   Advanced Imaging Support

  • Radiofrequency coil development
  • Customized pulse sequences and radiofrequency coils for the Upright Open MRI

3)   Bioengineering Lab Coordination

  • Fabrication of experimental components
  • Software programming
  • support

4)   Project and Lab Coordination

  • Safety training (radiation and equipment)
  • Technical support for QC and readiness
  • Equipment and laboratory scheduling

5)   Mobile Lab Support

  • Image analysis
  • Mobile Lab Operations
  • Participant recruitment
  • Mobile Lab driving and scheduling

6)   Small Equipment

  • DXA, pQCT, HR-pQCT, micro-CT


Is it possible to use CHHM equipment and book CHHM staff time for my research?

Yes. Staff at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility are happy to address any question you may have, discuss potential applications for our labs and equipment, and work with you to coordinate your project.

Who can use our equipment access CHHM’s personnel, expertise, and time?

We welcome local, national, or international Researchers from:

  • Academic institutions
  • Industry
  • Government

The primary use of labs, equipment, and HQP is for health research, however researchers in other fields are welcome to submit a project proposal. Please contact us for more information.

I want to do research at CHHM, but how do I incorporate use of CHHM equipment and personnel into my grant and project planning?

Please contact us at equipment@hiphealth.ca to learn how we can assist with your project budgeting. We work with groups all over the world to facilitate research at our Centre.