Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre Wins Real Estate Board's Award of Merit and is Featured on popular architecture website

Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre Wins Real Estate Board's Award of Merit and is Featured on popular architecture website

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“A few years ago we had a dream that scientists and clinicians from across disciplines could come together and solve some of the challenging problems that impose upon people’s mobility and compromise their quality of life. Now standing in the new home of the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, this dream comes true.”

- Dr. Heather McKay, CHHM Director

The novel idea to create the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility began in 2004 following successful receipt of funding from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) and the Canada Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) Team Grant Competitions.

The Robert H. N. Ho Research Centre is a seven-level, 65,000 square foot facility on the Vancouver General Hospital campus, and houses scientists, clinicians, and trainees that are pioneering strategies for early detection, and new treatments of bone and joint disease. CHHM occupies over 40,000 square feet of dedicated research space on floors four through seven.

The building has been built with mobility in mind and there are many features incorporated within its design that showcase CHHM’s core vision of “hip health and mobility through innovation.” From its very inception, the raison d’être of CHHM was to address bone and joint diseases in a new way – with broad and truly multidisciplinary collaboration. CHHM’s growth to date has validated the importance of strong interdisciplinary culture.

One focused goal at CHHM is to create a culture of community, mentorship and support. Our aim is to provide a vibrant education and training environment. CHHM operated with the overall philosophy that “all space is shared space”. The research facilities were purposely designed so that all space can be reconfigured to suit the dynamic nature of research and training programs.

“Given an environment where knowledge grows exponentially, our trainees will work and contribute as specialists to multidisciplinary teams and communities. The Centre provides a work environment and learning opportunities which cultivate that approach.

- Dr. Pierre Guy, CHHM Theme Leader

The Centre for Hip Health and Mobility at a Glance

Level 4 houses CHHM basic life sciences, materials design and bioengineering research programs. State of the art facilities on this floor include: wet labs, biochemistry and histology labs, biomechanical engineering labs, freezer farm, machine shop, high resolution imaging lab, microscopy and image analysis suites.





C-Arm Fluroscope                                                   Histology Lab
© Howard Waisman                                                © CHHM



Image Analysis Lab                                                Machine Shop
© CHHM                                                                    © CHHM







Histology Lab                                                         Anatomy Prep Area
© CHHM                                                                    © CHHM

Level 5 is custom designed to meet the needs of the researchers, as well as the needs of research participants. State-of-the-art facilities include: a multipurpose Bone Health and Falls lab that can be opened up into the Safe Movement Environment laboratory, an Exercise Prescription Suite, and a number of multipurpose interview consult/ exam rooms, a Biodex lab and the Centre’s advanced clinical imaging suites – high resolution pQCT, pQCT and DXA.






Dual-Energy x-ray Absorptiometry Lab                Dynamometer (Biodex) Lab
© CHHM                                                                    © CHHM

Exercise Prescription Suite                                  Safe Movement Environment
© Howard Waisman                                              © CHHM

Level 6 houses the CHHM dry labs – a hub of activity, there are over 70 work stations for data analysis, database development and research located on this floor, as well as a high tech meeting room and videoconferencing facility. Level 7 houses CHHM senior investigators and staff. This floor has offices and workstation, as well as meeting rooms equipped with the latest videoconferencing equipment. The multipurpose room located at the north end of Level 7 provides an area for interdisciplinary interactions and larger meetings and events.






Dry Labs                                                                   Level 7 Multipurpose Room
© Howard Waisman                                               © Howard Waisman

CHHM represents a culture of collaboration and integration among scientists and clinicians from across disciplines who, together seek to solve the problem of arthritis and fall related fractures. We endeavour to deliver research solutions so as to: prevent, detect, and treat hip fracture and arthritis using novel tools and techniques, cost-effective interventions and advanced surgical solutions. Ultimately, CHHM aims to enhance the mobility of British Columbians and Canadians across the lifespan through innovative translational research.