Re-Imagine Aging: Adding Life to Years

Re-Imagine Aging: Adding Life to Years

As a recipient of a 2016 International Research Roundtable award given by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC) each year, The Centre for Hip Health and Mobility is uniting an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners in the field of aging. The topic on the table at the three-day conference is the aging population in Canada and in many parts of the world. The proportion of older adults in the population is growing faster than any other age group. This rapid demographic shift has been classified as one of the world’s most challenging, urgent and ‘wicked problems’ –it calls for immediate change at every level of society.

While the Roundtable participants come from many disciplines, there is at least one thing they have in common: a commitment to create positive change for our aging society. As academic and professional lives often charge ‘full-steam ahead,’ it is rare when a group such as this can come together and reflect on the BIG and pervasive concepts tethered to their work, and to critically consider what these concepts mean for current and future professional practices.

The Roundtable will provide participants with the time, space and inspiration to delve into the theme, re-imagine aging, and to weave new concepts and understandings into their work. 

The Roundtable sessions will not be a series of lectures and panel presentations. Sessions will be interactive, adaptive and dialogic in nature, constructed around a few powerful, provoking questions. Participants will combine personal and professional experiences and will challenge assumptions to collectively surface new insights and shared understandings of the issues and opportunities surrounding the theme re-imagine aging.

The discussions will address broad issues relevant to the theme, such as: health, mobility, social connectedness, quality of life, dementia, caregiving, built environment, role of local communities, role of national policies, among others.

The Roundtable has strategically invited a small yet diverse group of about 30 participants to allow for meaningful conversations and multiple interactions with one another.

As part of this Roundtable, there are two oppportunities for the public to engage in the issues:

Who Cares? Re-Imagine a culture of care for an aging Society

The first is a dynamic event on May 7 at BMO Goldcorp Theatre, Olympic Village, 161 W 1St Ave, Vancouver.  "Who Cares: reimagine a culture of care for an aging society" is an evening of performance, storytelling, intergenerational dialogue, and expert and community insight to ignite an important conversation about the culture of care in our changing society. Read more about this event 

Re-Imagine Aging – Adding Life to Years

The second public event is an interactive keynote presentation to showcase international aging-health research and to share learnings from PWIAS International Research Roundtable.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Adrian Bauman, Professor, School of Public Health, University of Sydney Australia, co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity will give a keynote presentation asking the question, 'Re-imagine ‘active aging’: what would it look like?'

Dr. Judith Philips, OBE PhD FAcSS FLSW FRSA, Professor of Gerontology and Deputy Principal (Research), University of Stirling will then examine 'Re-imagining aging through a geographical lens."

"Re-Imagine Aging: Adding Life to Years" will take place on Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.  You can see more details and register for the event here.