Kudos to Tiffany Ngo and Michèle Touchette

Kudos to Tiffany Ngo and Michèle Touchette

CHHM's Biomedical Engineering MASC students Tiffany Ngo and Michèle Touchette (with co-authors Dr. Robyn Newell, Carolyn Anglin, Pierre Guy, Meena Amlani, and Dr. Antony Hodgson) were awarded “Best Technical Poster” for their work – “Improving Radiation Technologist Education Using Virtual Radiographs Generated On-The-Fly“ – at the 16th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) held in Osaka, Japan from June 8th-11th, 2016.

The poster stood out with its excellent graphic design, while successfully communicating the importance of their work. “If the study shows a positive influence on Medical Radiation Technologist students, the system has potential to be implemented into their Medical Radiography curriculum at BCIT. The student's training would drastically change from hypothetical imaging scenarios to using realistically, safe and radiation free X-ray images“, explained Tiffany.

It took over a month to put together a poster that best describes the details of the study. “For me, the most difficult part was writing the abstract for the CAOS conference. We had a lot of information to convey in only a few pages. We also had to accommodate each author's revisions,“ commented Michèle.

The poster includes pieces that will be implemented in the group's Smart-C research project, led by Dr. Antony Hodgson. “The goal is to build a 'smart' C-Arm imaging training system to help minimize radiation exposure and surgery time during orthopaedic surgeries,“ elaborated Tiffany. “We definitely feel very honored for the international recognition and grateful to our whole lab for the help and support along the way.“

Congratulations to the team!