Hip fracture increases death risk

Hip fracture increases death risk

A recent publication in Osteoporosis International by CHHM researcher Pierre Guy and C2E2 researchers Boris Sobolev, Lisa Kuramoto and Katie Sheehan, assessed the risk of mortality associated with second hip fracture.

The study examined more than 42,000 hospitalization records of patients 60 years and older, who had been discharged after admission for hip fracture surgery between 1990 and 2005 in British Columbia, Canada.

During ten years of follow-up, the mortality rate among patients with second hip fracture was significantly higher than those without second hip fracture. The observed increase in mortality was similar in men and women.

The researchers concluded that second hip fracture increases the risk of death above that anticipated for an increase in age for both men and women, and that secondary prevention strategies are needed to reduce morbidity and mortality among hip fracture patients. 

This study is part of the 48-Hour Benchmark for Hip Fracture Surgery for Older Adults and the Canadian Collaborative Study of Hip Fractures.