Global impact of CHHM Research – Teresa-Liu Ambrose’s studies highlighted in news stories around the world

Global impact of CHHM Research – Teresa-Liu Ambrose’s studies highlighted in news stories around the world

Healthy brain is key to fitness

We grew up with the fact that there are two extremes, athletes or book worms and one cannot maintain the balance between both of them.

In addition, the latest study tells us that sports and studies are not mutually exclusive and a proper balance can be maintained in both of them.

On top of that, just physical fitness was considered of utmost importance for health but recently the neuroscientists have claimed that healthy brain is very crucial for fitness.

Stressing the need for exercise, the neuroscientists told that it is not only good for the physical body but it also keeps the brain healthier.

According to the author of Longevity Bible, Dr. Gary Small, one should contain a reasonable proportion of cardiovascular exercise in their workout to reduce the chances of Alzheimers by more than 60 per cent.

Neuroscientists have suggested a mixture of swimming, yoga, dancing and resistance training that would benefit any individual up to the maximum extent.

They say that heart-attack is one of the prominent causes for mental disability in old age and proposed that taking only 10,000 steps in a day can eliminate the risk of having a stroke.

They announced the workout mandatory for brain’s fitness, expressing that it helps stay brain cell stay healthy. They stressed consumption of more oxygen and nutrients through physical activity are remarkable for cognitive health.

According to an article of Shirley Archer, JD. MA published in Idea Fitness Journal, the researchers of University of British Columbia tested 86 women (70 to 80 years of age), who had subjective memory complaints, with one of the three training groups of resistance, aerobic and toning.

Surprisingly, all of them showed positive signs of improvement and the group performing the aerobics showed most improvement.

The study co-author and assistant professor in the division of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, PhD, said, “There is much debate as to whether cognitive function can be improved once there is noticeable impairment.”

“What our results show is that resistance training can indeed improve both your cognitive performance and your brain function,” she added.

Adding to that, the neuroscientists confirmed the need of a balanced nutritional diet that should be taken to keep the body and brain fit. The healthy diet plans comprise of low fat milk, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and has very low amount of salt sugar, cholesterol, saturated fat and Trans fat.

They stressed that, exercise in not just for athletes but it improves the individual’s ability in decision making through increased emotional strength and clarity.

With this claim of neuroscientists, no one can deny the need for exercise no matter how young or old the individual is.


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