Dr. Steven Blair, internationally renowned physical activity expert, furthers

Dr. Steven Blair, internationally renowned physical activity expert, furthers
Physical inactivity has been identified by the WHO as the fourth leading cause of mortality worldwide. Failing to engage in regular physical activity has been associated with increased risks for obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, depression, and certain cancers.

Despite its proven health benefits, "eighty-five percent of Canadian adults and ninety-three percent of Canadian children and youth do not achieve the minimum level of physical activity necessary to ensure long-term good health and well-being."[1]
Promoting physical activity for health is a public priority. Studies across the spectrum of chronic diseases testify to the critical role that exercise and fitness can play in managing, reducing, and even preventing the development of costly illnesses and conditions, including diabetes, depression, anxiety, back pain, and falls-related injuries.

Over the next three years, UBC and its Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM) will, as part of “Exercise is Medicine” a BC Ministry of Health funded initiative, design, implement, and evaluate novel models of delivery and care that will:

  • take advantage of leading-edge approaches to healthcare, such as group
    medical visits and telehealth;
  • leverage existing resources for the maximum impact of tax dollars;
  • engage citizens in physical activity, leading to better health and
    ideally reduced incidences of illness and chronic diseases;
  • improve patient/client satisfaction;
  • create better efficiencies with the
    healthcare system;
  • explore whether there is potential for “exercise is
  • conduct focused Group Medical Visits to reduce healthcare costs.
UBC and CHHM are honoured to host Dr.Steven Blair, internationally renowned physical activity expert and
scholar, as a guest catalytic visitor.
During the week of August 26th, Dr. Blair will attend strategic planning sessions at CHHM, regarding its Exercise is Medicine initiatives.  Dr. Blair will also be the key focus of an all day event in Abbotsford on Wednesday August 28th.  He will speak to UBC preceptors, residents, key community leaders, and the public regarding the impact that physical activity can have on individuals, communities, and the healthcare system.
For more information please contact David Adams, Associate Director, MobilityBC, UBC Centre for Hip Health & Mobility at 604.875.4111 x 21784 or 604.376.1474.