City planning considers needs of mobility scooters owners

City planning considers needs of mobility scooters owners

The needs of disabled people and users of mobility scooters are being taken into account by city planners in Canada.

According to the Vancouver Sun, researchers in Vancouver are examining ways in which the built environment of the city can be enhanced for older residents and visitors.

Experts from the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility have been provided with funding for the infrastructure project, which will look at issues such as the length lights at pedestrian crosswalks permit for those using them.

The grant from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research is expected to identify ways of promoting active and independent living, including simple solutions such as extra benches for those using mobility aids to stop for a rest and extra toilets.

In addition, Vancouver director of transportation Jerry Dobrovolny said initiatives are being implemented to ensure pavements are smooth for mobility scooters and walkers and improving street lighting.

City planning officials in Brighton and Hove may also consider the needs of mobility scooter owners in the future after local councillor Ken Norman travelled around the area on a vehicle to assess the problems faced by disabled people, the Argus reports.

Source: Vancouver Sun, Medicine Matters