CHHM at the Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre officially opened - September 15th 2011

CHHM at the Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre officially opened - September 15th 2011

The Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre Official Opening was held on Thursday, September 15th, 2011 with important and distinguished guests in attendance. Home to the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM), the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) and the ovarian cancer research program (OvCaRe), the Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre is located at the intersection of West 10th Avenue and Laurel Street and is the newest addition to the internationally renowned research community at Vancouver General Hospital.

“The opening of the Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre marks a new era in health research and will further build on British Columbia’s strength as a leader in research and innovation,” said the Honourable Michael de Jong, Minister of Health. “Work will focus on everything from hip fracture prevention to understanding the progression of prostate cancer and the development of new therapies.”

Special guests to the official opening included major private donors Mr. Robert H. N. Ho, Hon. Michael de Jong, Professor Stephen Toope (President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC), Dr. David Ostrow (President and CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health), Dr. Martin Gleave (Executive Director,

Vancouver Prostate Centre), Dr. Diane Miller (Co-Founder, OvCaRe) and Dr. Heather McKay (Director, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility).

CHHM Director, Dr. Heather McKay shared the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility’s ultimate purpose, “Falls and the painful fractures that ensue are no accident. They can be prevented. The upward trajectory of debilitating arthritis can be stopped through early detection and effective intervention. At CHHM we are working together and with colleagues around the world to solve these painful, debilitating and very costly problems.”

“I am reminded of the words of Rose who fell and sustained a hip fracture,” said Dr. McKay in her speech. ‘She told us, ‘The moment I hit the floor I knew my life had changed forever.’ Mr. and Mrs. Ho, you are part of our community of committed universities, health care providers, researchers, students and staff – who through this world class facility have been provided the opportunity to positively change the lives of tens of thousands of people like Rose forever.”

CHHM represents a culture of collaboration and integration among scientists and clinicians from across disciplines who, together seek to solve the problem of arthritis and fall related fractures. We endeavour to deliver research solutions so as to: prevent, detect, and treat hip fracture and arthritis using novel tools and techniques, cost-effective interventions and advanced surgical solutions. Ultimately, CHHM aims to enhance the mobility of British Columbians and Canadians across the lifespan through innovative translational research.