CHHM 4th Annual Action Planning Day

CHHM 4th Annual Action Planning Day

On March 8, 2012, the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM) hosted the fourth Annual Action Planning Day at our new research facility, Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre; more than 50 members including principal investigators, trainees and research staff participated. The objectives of the Action Planning Day were: i) to review the research priorities and to highlight major successes and challenges in 2011-2012, ii) to provide CHHM members with options for maximizing their funding opportunities and to discuss future sustainability strategies for the Centre, and iii) to provide CHHM trainees with a workshop on Project Management to help foster essential research and career skills.

Research theme leaders highlighted major projects carried out within each theme (Fracture Prevention, Arthritis, and Surgical Solutions) in 2011 and identified key factors that had contributed to their success. This provided an opportunity for theme members’ achievements to be showcased with details on what helped to facilitate their success as well as any challenges faced.  Identifying challenges will help guide the Centre's future direction and group activities.

One of the Centre’s strategic objectives is to continue to enhance a ‘research ready’ environment for members, collaborators and other partners. Ian Kerr, Research Facilities and Operations Manager, introduced the CHHM Operations Team and their roles and responsibilities as the Centre. The CHHM Operations Team endeavors to promote the Centre’s mission by ensuring that facilities and infrastructure are in place to support research and by facilitating the translation of research findings into clinical practice, program, and policy that benefit the population at large.

Dr. Anne Wallis, CHHM Managing Director, shared financial information with faculty members regarding the Centre's 3-year budget forecast and ways to maximize their funding opportunities.

Effective project management requires application of knowledge, skills, and past experience to meet project objectives. Vivian Sum, Communications Director, and Ian Kerr, Research Facilities and Operations Manager, led a workshop on project management to the CHHM research staff and trainees. Vivian guided the participants on how to think beyond the mechanics of their research in order to focus on how every process and activity within a project could be planned, executed and controlled. Ian provided a variety examples of ways in which the CHHM Operations Team can support research projects and provide tools and templates that the CHHM Research Operations Group have created to facilitate research projects taken place at the Centre.

"The CHHM Action Planning Day is always a great opportunity to connect, to find out what members are doing, and to discover new talents. This year was no exception - the Not-Quite-Ready-For-Prime-Time Operations team surprised attendees with their “Who's Who" presentation." says Dr. Pierre Guy, CHHM Interim Director. "Today was another step moving from "building" mode to full-steam "operations". We are blessed with good researchers here.  Our trainees had the opportunity to explore the other side of project management and our faculty team had time to reflect on the Centre's sustainability plan and answered the call for action! This was a full day."

Thanks to all CHHM members and staff for their contributions in making this event a success.