$60-million health care research centre opens at VGH

$60-million health care research centre opens at VGH

VANCOUVER - A new, $60-million health care research centre opened at Vancouver General Hospital on Thursday.

Health professionals at the Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre will focus on studying treatments and possible cures for prostate and ovarian cancers as well as bone and mobility issues, according to a news release issued by the B.C. Ministry of Health on Thursday.

The centre's three internationally renowned research programs are its centre for hip health and mobility; an expanded Vancouver prostate centre; and OvCaRe, the ovarian cancer research program located within the prostate centre.

About 150 staff, clinicians and scientists will work at the building and 40 new jobs have been created within the centre for hip-health and mobility, the news release stated.

The facility is named after Robert Ho, chairman of the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation and the Tung Lin Kok Yuen Foundation. Ho has made numerous significant donations to organizations around the world, noting he is particularly keen on medical and religious causes.

"On the medical side, I favour research because I feel research will lead to better things," Ho told The Vancouver Sun earlier this year. "And with the state-of-the-art research, it will attract experts from afar to come to Vancouver, and thus upgrade the reputation of the local hospitals."

Ho has also donated to the University of B.C., Stanford University, Hong Kong University, Colgate University in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Source: $60-million health care research centre opens at VGH - BC Gov News