Empowering Women in the Sciences

Empowering Women in the Sciences

Women have made significant advances in society, however the fields of science, technology, engineering and math remain male dominated. In fact women only account for 23% of graduates aged 25–34 with a university degree in engineering.

At the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility we actively support women in science and health research and our numbers speak for themselves.

86% of our trainees are women and 38% of our senior researchers are women.

These above-industry stats don’t happen by accident. Mentorship and career development is part of our workplace culture.

ON-RAMPS FOR WOMEN AND MEN IN SCIENCE: Creating a supportive, family friendly environment

According to the Harvard Business Review, 44% of women leave their careers to pursue more time with their families.

We believe this is not because women are not as committed to their careers as men, nor does it mean that women love their families more. We believe this high number of professional women leaving their careers is partly because workplaces do not offer the flexibility parents with families require.

Flexible hours, willingness to have children in the workplace, scheduling meetings at times that fit around family schedules ... these are just some of the ways we support families at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility.