Choi, Joseph

Choi, Joseph PhotoTC(1).png
PhD student, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, SFU

Joseph Choi is a PhD student, supervised by Dr. Steve Robinovitch. Joseph has been a member at CHHM since he joined Injury Prevention & Mobility Laboratory at Simon Fraser University in 2006. Joseph received his Physical Therapy degree at Yonsei University in South Korea in 2001, and obtained his MSc degree at Simon Fraser University in 2008, where he studied factors affecting the efficacy of hip protectors during falls. Joseph started his PhD study in 2009, and his PhD research focuses on biomechanics and prevention of fall-related hip fractures in older adults.  His general research interests include aging, falls, fractures, balance, therapeutic and preventative interventions for fall-related injuries in older adults.