Eltit, Felipe

Eltit, Felipe Felipe-Eltit.jpg
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering, University of British Columbia


Dr. Felipe Eltit came to CHHM when he started his PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at UBC in September 2011. He works under the supervision of professor Rizhi Wang in the project “Effects of Metallic Components on the Epidemiology of Inflamatory Disease Related to Hip Implants”, which has been funded by OREF (Orthopaedics Research Excellence Fund). Felipe get his bachelor degree in dentistry and worked as a dentist in Santiago-Chile for five years. After obtaining his master degree in Cell Biology at University of Chile, Felipe worked as professor and research coordinator at Finis Terrae University, which is also in his hometown. During his previous work he was focused in analyzing Cell adhesion molecules during biomineralization process of dental enamel, and the analysis of mechanical behaviour of human dentin and its relationship with the microstructure of the tissue. His PhD program is sponsored by the Chilean government though the commission for research and technology (CONICYT).