Hoy, Christa

Hoy, Christa  Hoy_Christa-.jpg
Research Manager


Christa Hoy is passionate about understanding how evidence-based health promotion programs work in the real world. She is involved in many projects within her role at the Centre, including leading the implementation evaluation of Active Aging BC-Choose to Move, a province-wide physical activity strategy for older adults headed by Dr. Joanie Sims-Gould and Dr. Heather McKay.  She also oversees projects within the Bone Health and Physical Activity Research Group, led by Dr. McKay. These projects focus on child and adolescent bone health and include the Fracture, LEAP and Healthy Bones Studies.


Christa returns to the Centre after working for the Childhood Obesity Foundation on the evaluation of their province-wide Childhood Healthy Weights Intervention Initiative. Christa holds a Master of Science degree from the University of British Columbia’s Experimental Medicine program, which she completed at CHHM.