Lusina-Furst, Sarah

Lusina-Furst, Sarah Sarah-Lusina-Furst.jpg
Managing Director, CIHR Walk-the-Talk Team

Sarah is passionate about bridging the gap between knowledge and action. Since 2009, Sarah has worked closely with investigators at CHHM in research development, research team management and knowledge translation. She has a track record of facilitating cross sector and cross-disciplinary interactions with the goal of enhancing research programs and the application of their findings. Sarah is skilled at creating spaces for idea sharing and knowledge exchange among diverse groups of knowledge users and producers. She is keenly interested in exploring the process of bringing physical activity/mobility and built environment research evidence into the policy arena and identifying what elements enable the uptake of these research findings. Prior to being recruited to the CHHM, she worked as a Program Manager at the BC Network for Aging Research, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and as a Research Associate at the Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre. Sarah holds a Master’s of Science from the University of British Columbia and has extensive training in project management.