Mackey, Dawn

Mackey, Dawn Mackey_Dawn.jpg
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, SFU Scholar, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
Dr. Mackey is passionate about conducting research to positively impact health, wellbeing, and quality of life for older adults. She directs The Aging and Population Health Lab (APHL), which studies mobility and aging, including the prevention, etiology, and management of age-related mobility limitations. Her areas of concentration are physical activity, falls and injuries, and fatigability.
Her research group is currently piloting new approaches to help older adults adhere to their physical activity goals, testing interventions to prevent fall-related injuries, figuring out how tailored exercise programs affect the energy requirements of walking and fatigability, assessing measurement properties of wearable activity monitors, and exploring economic impacts of physical inactivity. Her research is embedded in a framework that supports translation of insights into actions through stakeholder partnerships.
Research in Dr. Mackey's group incorporates techniques from epidemiology and biostatistics, including clinical trial design, causal inference, longitudinal cohort studies, feasibility studies, knowledge synthesis, and meta-analysis. Her group also conducts laboratory experiments and qualitative inquiries.
Ultimately, Dr. Mackey's research program seeks to identify and disseminate effective strategies for successful population aging through maintenance of mobility and functional autonomy.


  • Older adult mobility
  • Physical activity promotion and measurement
  • Lifestyle behaviour change
  • Fall and injury prevention
  • Fatigability
  • Physical function
  • Life-space
  • Long-term care
  • Intervention and observational studies
  • Core outcome sets
  • Knowledge synthesis
  • Knowledge translation


If you are interested in joining Dr. Mackey's research group, please email her with your areas of interest, current curriculum vitae, and transcript. See current training opportunities here