Earle, Vicky

Earle, Vicky Vicky Earle head shot.jpg
BSc, AAM, M Ed Tech

Vicky is a professional medical illustrator and visual scientist, with the ability to research and understand complex concepts. This allows her to design and create an array of media-based products suitable for a wide audience and variety of applications.

Medical and scientific illustration helps people visualize science in a way that is simple to understand, interactive and interesting. When coupled with educational technologies,
this specialized service is applicable for all teaching and learning, whether in the face-to-face classroom, flexible/blended learning, fully asynchronous scenarios or in traditional print venues. It is key for any visually based pedagogy including general sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, research and biotechnology. Vicky is an internationally recognized illustrator with multiple awards for her work. She has made major contributions to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a leading international journal that focuses on the role of physical activity for health and the leading sports medicine textbook Clinical Sports Medicine (4th Editiion, McGraw-Hill).

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