d'Entremont, Agnes

d'Entremont, Agnes Agnes-dEntremont-Headshot.jpg
Instructor (tenure track), Department of Mechanical Engineering, UBC


Agnes d’Entremont is an Instructor (tenure track) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Her areas of specialization are biomechanics and medical imaging. She completed her PhD work on MR techniques for measuring joint movement and cartilage health change following a type of knee surgery. Her research interests include the effect of child and adolescent hip disorders on joint shape, movement, and cartilage health. 

Agnes’ research is focused on joint motion and cartilage health with various joint injuries, disorders, and treatments with a particular focus on pediatric hip disorders. She has also developed methods for measuring dynamic joint motion in MRI, and for performing specialized cartilage health MR scans near orthopaedic hardware. With the devastating effect of pediatric joint disorders over a lifetime, it is critical to develop measurement methods to assist with detection, accurate prognosis, and correct selection of treatments. 

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