Martin-Matthews, Anne

Martin-Matthews, Anne Martin-Matthews_Anne.png
Professor in the UBC Department of Sociology

Dr. Anne Martin-Matthews' research focuses on two areas of inquiry in the sociology of aging. She examines the provision of health and social care to elderly people, examined from the perspectives, agency providers, home care workers, elderly clients, and family carers. The focus is on three points of intersection: the nexus of public and private spheres, where workers provide publicly funded services in the private home sphere; of professional and non-professional labour, examining relationships between employers, co-workers, clients and caregivers; and of paid and unpaid labour, focusing on the emotional vs contractual nature of ‘care’, provision of unpaid time to meet client need, and the unpaid labour of family and friends in ‘sharing’ of care.  This CIHR-funded project, Home Care in Canada: Caring at the Nexus of the Public and the Private Spheres, examines data from British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.