With our partners, we create, share and implement solutions that promote active aging, and improve bone and joint health, to enhance mobility across the lifespan. 


Health through mobility at every age.


Excellence, innovation, impact, collaboration, leadership. 

CHHM aims to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of both young and old in the short-term and to reduce the serious impact of debilitating and costly mobility-related health problems facing our society in the longer term. Ultimately, we seek to provide Canadians with the joy, freedom and independence that comes with mobility, at every age. 

CHHM is an interdisciplinary research, education and training facility that provides members with an environment and culture in which to design and deliver solutions that address some of the country’s most challenging health problems. By aligning traditionally disparate areas of research, new approaches, strategies and techniques emerge and are implemented to promote active aging (at every age) and offset the burden of bone and joint health problems.